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SISHA (South East Asia Investigations into Social and Humanitarian Activities) is a registered Australian not-for-profit organisation that strives to ensure justice and the protection of human rights for victims of human trafficking, bonded labour, physical and sexual assault and other forms of exploitation and oppression in South East Asia.

Facebook may ‘block content’ claim as speculation grows over entry into China

U.S. Military Wants Phantom Army On Facebook

What Happened to 250,000 Chinese Facebook Users on April 5, 2011?

The Secret to Facebook Popularity? Be Shallow and Sexual, Baby!
From MJ Santos in “The Universal Fusionist” or More information on MJ Santos see The Santos Republic

Could Facebook have met its match? Google ‘to launch its own social network in May’ 2011
Mail Online, By GRAHAM SMITH, Last updated at 11:16 AM on 14th March 2011

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Facebook turning women into stalkers :: Men are increasingly becoming victims!
Facebook unveils option to let a ‘trusted friend’ know of online bullying By DAILY MAIL REPORTER, Last updated at 1:52 AM on 11th March 2011

Facebook Grapples With Privacy Issues published May 19th 2010 in The Wall Street Journal

Instantly social Mark Z

Is Mark Z grappling with management?

“Facebook Account Deletion” Karen Beth Young’s Blog, Published Friday, 11th February 2011

“Facebook vs. Canada. It’s about to get ugly”
Techi Article, published May 22nd 2010


“It looks as though Facebook might face a court appearance before a federal judge in Canada real soon.

This ongoing battle has to do with Facebook’s privacy settings. Canada’s privacy commissioner, Jennifer Stoddart, is currently drawing up a possible new investigation into Facebook for violations against Canada’s private-sector privacy act.

Spokeswoman Anne-Marie Hayden states:

“Although they’ve done some things right, in a few areas, they seem to have gone in the opposite direction, and that’s been disappointing. We’re waiting for Facebook to honor its commitments, but if we do see new violations of the law, we may launch our own investigation, which could be very narrowly scoped.”

“Not a Fan of Facebook: New Yorker Sues Social Network Over Deleted Account”
TIME NewsFeed, Article by Nick Carbone


“Being cut off from Facebook can feel like torture – and one man is seeking damages to the tune of half-a-million dollars.
A New Yorker is crossing one friend off his Facebook list – the company itself. He’s slapped the company with a $500,000 (£316,000) lawsuit for what he calls an unexplained closure of his account. Mustafa Fteja, 30, used Facebook to keep in contact with his family in his native Albania. But back in September, he attempted to log in, only to be kicked back with a message saying his account was disabled.
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“Not a fan of Facebook deleted account