James With is an accomplished actor, producer and social humanitarian.

Chairman and founder of TRI-US ENTERTAINMENT James With brings many years of investment planning and industry expertise together, resulting in projects that are both uniquely entertaining and produced under carefully controlled budgets.

The international operations of Trius Global Media and TRI-US Entertainment are presently being restructured in line with regional expansion planning and protocols. The setting up of Indian regional offices and production management are designed to coincide with specific projects in development involving selected Indian production companies and international partners.

TRI-US Entertainment develops projects through production offices in Asia and Europe, and has an established co-partnering arrangement in the UK with Shlepp Entertainment.

Intellectual property rights and ownerships are managed by Trius Global Holdings. Global distribution is securely handled by Trius Global Media allowing production partners to collectively create efficient production values whilst ensuring culturally specific and internationally attractive productions. TRI-US Entertainment is currently focused on a slate of feature films and other media projects.

Completing studies at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), since the early 1990’s James has put his diverse wealth of life’s experiences into his work as a producer and entertainment specialist, producing & co-producing through his flagship company TRI-US ENTERTAINMENT founded in Hong Kong in 2001.

TRI-US Entertainment specializes in conceptualizing and producing filmed and media entertainment projects for international distribution and staging with selected production partners. The domain is managed by Trius Global Media and is governed by the Terms of Use.

James has worked in the fields of investment banking and finance for international banks and investment firms, having also worked as a licensed securities dealer and financial investment advisor. James has cultivated a strong interest in structuring financial products for entertainment and the arts, focusing on stories with significant humanitarian, geographical and environmental themes.

James loves acting and working actively in front of the camera and also relishes the challenges of production and working behind the camera.

Sharing life and business with others continually inspires him to work at high professional standards and through the medium of entertainment he is intent on promoting Asia’s vast range of locations, cultures and peoples in the global entertainment industry.

James With accepts Advisory Board positions, contributes to charitable causes and presents to live audiences via appointments. “Partnering With the World to Create a Positive Difference” has been and remains his personal objective in life and James is firmly against injustice & exploitation.

Specialties: Acting, Editing, Directing, Film, Financial management, Producing, Public speaking, Being an active member of Humanity!