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One Worl Together At Home

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One World: Together At Home
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One World: Together At Home Special to Celebrate COVID-19 Workers

Major James W. Gunn

Major James W. Gunn

1805 – 1875

One time, long ago, in a new frontier world, in a Southern Colony of the British Empire named Georgia their lived a man by the name of James W. Gunn, the great-great-great grandfather of the researcher, who had two daughters and five sons. This is their story and a story of his research. Here is the evidence of their lives.

The researcher found James W. Gunn and his children in dusty court house record rooms, state archives microfilm and beginning in 1987 on the Internet.  No memory of Major Gunn was know in his family until the 1970’s, when he unearthed the buried paper trail at the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta.

This James W. Gunn first started showing up in land and military records in 1829 in Henry and Monroe counties Georgia. These documents have been a portrait for the researcher.  A few faded photographs of these early ancestors, thanks to the Internet and the good people one does sometimes fortunately meet on it.

The purpose of the blog is to further the evidence on my Gunn lineage … Heritage and Being a Son of a Gunn …

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